Compensatory assignment for Seminar 3:A

(networks, state and governance, economic valuation)

Reading: Boström and Davidson (2018), chapters 5, 6 and 8


Summarize the key contents of the chapters and write a discussion which synthesizes and brings together these key contents from the perspective of sustainable development as both discourse and practice.

Examples of questions to consider for your discussion:

What are the analytical and normative values of the concepts brought up in the chapters?

What are their practical relevance?

What similarities and differences can you see between these concepts – do they share discursive traits (or not), and if so which, and what does that mean for practice?


  • Write between 1000-1200 words (excluding references). Note that the summary of the key concepts should not exceed 1/2 of your total.
  • Hand in your assignment by e-mail ( in Word format (.doc), Times New Roman pt. 12, spacing 1,5.
  • Reference correctly using either the Harvard or Oxford system (I personally prefer Harvard, as that makes it easier to track references).