MSc Project Management, MSc Strategic Project Management

Project Strategy Module

Assignment Brief

2019 -20

Working on the case study Your assignment will be to reflect upon and analyse a case study project (from your organisation, or selected from appropriate research).

You will be expected to assess the seven broad principles outlined during the module:

1.      Problem definition

2.      ‘Business’ or value case

3.      Feasibility modelling

4.      Procurement strategy

5.      Planning strategy

6.      Monitoring and tracking (of benefits)

7.      Learning

1.      Problem definition    (5% of marks) What are the key issues or areas of concern in the case study project
2.      Literature review  (25% of marks) What do current texts on PM say about the seven sub-topic areas and a ‘project strategy’ in general?  What are the implications arising


3.      Business (or value) case  (10% of marks)


Illustrate a project business (value) case for your case study project.

To illustrate your project’s ‘value case’ you may wish to include such tools as: a cash-flow table; a risk log identifying strategic risks and project risks.


4.      Feasibility modelling   (5% of marks) Using the case study project, illustrate:

What are the consequences of the ‘doing nothing’

What is the obvious solution?

What other options could be considered?


5.      Procurement/Contract strategy  (10% of marks) Illustrate which procurement/contract strategy approach you would take for your case study project.

A key consideration will be the removal of risk-to-value outcome.

Illustrate the: ‘Make or Buy’ decision; Selection method; Pricing method; Placement of risk.


6.      Planning strategy   (10% of marks) Illustrate what approaches to planning you would take on a project from your case study project


7.      Monitoring and tracking (of benefits) (5% of marks) Illustrate what approaches to monitoring you would take on a project from your case study project


8.      Learning  (5% of marks)


Considering the literature explored here; illustrate how you and your organisation may learn and develop improved approaches to project and the strategies deployed.


9.      Discussion & Conclusions (25% of marks) Draw appropriate evidence based conclusions, justifying them from literature and the case study.  Provide a conclusion to the debate and further areas for exploration.