So there are 11 papers/text which I have attached and for each of the papers/text I want exam based summaries of one page each, so total is 11 pages. For each paper/text all the things which I have listed below must be answered. Some papers are way shorter than others so the writer must use more space/pages for the longer texts, but all the questions must be answered for each text which are listed below.

The basics:
1. Figure out what the main point of the article/chapter is.
2. What is the structure of the argument? What claims are used to support the main point and what is their order/relationship?
3. What kind of evidence is presented in favor of the author’s view?
4. Does the author take into account counterarguments? What are her replies?
Advanced notes involve evaluation on your part:
1. What are the assumptions the author makes? Are those plausible?
2. Is the argument persuasive? Why or why not?
3. Is the author excluding important facts/evidence?
4. Does the author have adequate responses to actual or possible objections?