Part 3 – Skill Portfolio Activities

Students can select and work on a range of skills that will be needed for their working life.  The following Skill Activities form part of the available portfolio – for assessment purposes students need submit only THREE Activities but are encouraged to do as many as possible to broaden their skills and widen their networks.  Currently we have five Skill Activities on offer:

  1. The construction site visit activity & report
  2. The external exhibition visit & report
  3. The AutoCAD On-line training & drawing activity (Linkedin Learning)
  4. The Excel calculation spreadsheet.
  5. The Mentee report (working with L6 final year students as a Mentor)
  6. Manufacturing visit to Mini factory.

Note that:

  • For students on BEng (hons)/MEng courses the AutoCAD activity is COMPULSORY.
  • For students on all BSc (hons) courses the EXCEL activity is COMPULSORY
  • All Activities are equally weighted.

Student need to plan and manage their time to meet all the required deadline whereby feedback can be provided.  This process of managing your work is a key part of Mental Wealth and needs to be documented in your Reflective Logs and will also be assessed as part of your Self-Reflective Diary.  Students who demonstrate their ability to participate in other activities will receive credit through their Reflective Log and Final Reflective Report parts of the portfolio.

Skill Activity 1- Manufacturing visit to Mini factory Activity & Report


This report involves you submitting a written report about Mini car production plant that you personally attended on Friday 22nd November 2019 as part of a UEL organised trip.  . Details of the UEL organised site visits are published on Moodle EG4019 and student’s need book up according to the information given below in this document.  , attend and to bring with them all the necessary PPE.


The purposes of the visits are to describe the car production plant visited under a range of headings, such as:

  • Types of facilities available for car production? Machinery/laboratory/research/design software?
  • What are the main technologies used in car production?
  • What are the orderly steps of car production?
  • Who did you meet during the visit? What was their role?  Their profession?
  • What were their main challenges faced in their role? What do they enjoy about their work?
  • How is care for workers demonstrated, e.g. health & safety and general tidiness?


During the visit Students are strongly recommended to use the site prompt sheets shown in Table to aid note-taking and questioning of site personnel during the visits – See Site Prompt Sheet below for further information.


, fully prepared with 5-point H&S Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).  They also must have submitted and had approved their Medical Declaration form


Booking the Trip

All Engineering Students in groups EG4019 04 & 05 are invited to attend.   The cost of the tour and coach travel to and from the event will be met in part by the University but will require a contribution from each student  of £20 to cover the full cost of the visit. To secure your place you need to book and pay by following the attached link to the UEL eStore:

Learning Outcomes & Assessment


The Learning Outcomes covered in this piece of work are:

EG4019 – Subject-based practical skills


  1. Undertake discipline specific codes of practice and industry standards.
  2. Apply appropriate knowledge and skills to communicate effectively with a wide range of audience – construction, technical specialists and laypersons.
  3. Develop self-awareness and awareness of local and global issues; identify their roles within a team and their positive/negative impacts on the environment and society.


The marks to be allocated for this piece of work are based around the coverage of the UEL Mental Wealth Competencies as noted below

The UEL Competencies that can to be demonstrated are:


Mark Allocation
Digital Proficiency (DP), e.g. 20%
Ability to use MS Word presenting text and images in good professional English; understanding and demonstrating the use of Turnitin for submission works.  
Industry Connections (IC), e.g. 40%
Understanding the work undertaken in Industry; understanding the roles of industry personnel and their responsibilities; Understanding what industry personnel  like/dislike about their jobs; understanding your need to make connections and network.  
Social Intelligence Development (SID), e.g. 40%
Understanding leadership and entrepreneurship; understanding meeting the needs of the client; understanding the need to work in partnership with other stakeholders.  


Submission Format & Feedback


By Turnitin link in Word or PDF format located on Moodle Site EG41019 by the DEADLINE ACCORDING TO THE OUTLINE SCHEME OF WORK  at 4pm as stated in Table 1.  The Word count should be @ 500 words   with use of clear labelled photographs to show what was seen.

You are encouraged to make use of the CfSS review of work by submitting to ‘My Feedback’ at least 2 weeks before the deadline.

Work will be marked and returned by your tutor via the Turnitin Grademark within 15 working days


Links to Diary & Final Reflective Report.

Note that the you will also be assessed for your individual and group working methods whilst working on this Engineering Challenge and evidenced in your Reflective Log and Report.  Make sure you log what you do as part of your Reflective Log using the Reflective Log Template provide on MS Teams and shown in Table 3.









EG4019 Manufacturing Visit –

Question Prompts & Log


Real automobiles do not get manufactured on paper! Seeing productions take place in the realm of dirt, materials, labour, and equipment, is an important part of learning about the making of cars. The ability to knowledgeably observe work in progress is also an important skill for the design, engineering or manufacturing professional.



Over the course of this semester you will be able to visit several sites to observe work in progress, record your observations, and where necessary, follow up later with analysis of what you have seen. You may record details during a single site visit or span a series of regular visits to a site over the course of the Semester.

The production of this ‘Site Diary Log’ will be a culmination of both the University organised visits and visits that you will arrange by yourself or in groups of two or three.

Take plenty of images and ask questions about what you see and hear.

Observations should be made in the form of notes, and annotated sketches or photographs. In cases where follow-up comments or research are needed, provide concise, clear explanations, and note your sources of information. You may use the form on the following pages as a template for recording your observations and follow-up notes. During each visit, try to answer as many of the following questions as possible:



  Topics Descriptions / Facts Questions / Notes
1 Types of facilities available for car production? Machinery/laboratory/research/design software.  



2 What are the main technologies used in car production?  


3 What are the orderly steps of car production?  


4 What are the main methods of construction seen or equipment used on the visit?  


5 Who did you meet during the visit?  What was their role?  Their profession?  



6 What were their main challenges faced in their role?  What do they enjoy about their work?  



7 How is care for workers demonstrated, e.g. health & safety and general tidiness?  
8 Other Notes – Remember to take and include at least FOUR interesting photos.