Superconcepts Assignment – Details

Write an essay discussing the application of one of the following superconcepts in an academic discipline: Systems, Fiction, Complexity, Structuralism, Entropy, Deconstruction and Evolution.

Your essay will demonstrate your understanding of the idea of a superconcept and of the principles of the superconcept in question. It may be helpful to approach your work with a question in mind: e.g. ‘To what extent is the superconcept X applicable in the field Y’?

It is your responsibility to ensure that a non-specialist reader understands which discipline you are discussing, especially if that discipline is not obvious as a discipline.

You are welcome to phrase the title of your essay however you wish.

We are expecting a strict adherence to the essay structure: ‘argument, counter-argument, counter-counter-argument’. A number of disciplines operate with expectations about the structure of an essay and, where this is the case, it is important to identify and adhere to that structure.

We are also expecting a strict adherence to the Harvard system of referencing. Again, a number of disciplines operate with expectations about referencing.

Note: the assignments on this module – like those on other core modules – are designed to give you space to think in an interdisciplinary way about the disciplines on your pathways. You may, therefore, wish to examine the application of a superconcept in a discipline on one of your pathways.