Graded Deliverable

Analyze the BT Green case that is separately attached below. Write a memo to the CEO, explaining:

1) what legal risk the company has regarding Mr. Banks’ complaint. In doing this,
a. Identify the specific laws that may pertain to this situation.
b. State the key legal criteria for each law.
c. Analyze whether the details of the case meet the legal criteria, then explain how they do or do not fit.
d. State your conclusion about the legal risk.

2) what your recommendation is for handling the case. In doing this,
a. State your recommendation.
b. Explain your rationale for the recommendation.
c. Identify the advantages for doing it.
d. Identify the disadvantages or risks for doing it.

Presentation criteria
The CEO values your opinion but also likes to know that it is well-grounded; so, use APA to cite appropriate sources for ideas you borrow, for support you use, and for key terms in your analysis. Please do use APA to reference your essay/case response. Create a reference list at the end and use the (author, year) format within the text; or, if it is a direct quote, the (author, year, page number) format. Please do not start a new page only for the reference list; just space down after your response.
He also expects excellent writing from his staff. This means it should be clearly stated, carry the appropriate tone, be grammatically correct, and be sensitive to his time constraints. Write concisely, limiting your response to a maximum of 2 double-spaced pages of text.