Research paper proposal and annotated bibliography

Research Topic: Are deliberative democracy better than representative democracy?

  1. a one-page single spaced paper proposal (Remember – It is a proposal: it indicates what you will be doing. The proposal is not intended to be a mini-version of your research paper)
  • In the Introduction to your proposal
  • A). Outline your research question
    • What will you be exploring in your actual research paper?
  • B). Clearly establish why your question is significant
    • Why should we care about this topic?
    • Provide a little background on the issue/controversy that you are weighing in on
  • C). Outline your hypothesis
    • What do you think you will find?
    • What is the argument that you think you will be making in your actual research paper?
  • The Body of the Proposal:
  • Discuss how you will answer your question. Note: since this is political theory course. Please try to focus more on theories.
  • Are you attempting to explain a single case/event?
    • What actors, structures, institutions, evidence, will you focus on and why?
  • Are you using a specific case/event as a way of testing a more general hypothesis/theory?
    • What is it about the case/event that makes it a good test (is it a crucial case for example)?
  1. an annotated bibliography with a minimum of 8 peer reviewed academic sources.

For each source include 1 paragraph summary of the main argument and how it relates to your specific research question.