Market Briefing Report

All sources including internet sites must be fully and properly referenced. The maximum word count for each question is given below.

Word limit guide: 1000 words excluding references.


  1. Identify how the USA sneaker market has changed between the 1990s and 2020s.
  • Word limit: 500 words
  • You should base your analysis on data available on the Statista (2020) website and also undertake your own research.
  • You should examine statistics on such things as revenues, sales volume, price, sales channels, market shares of brands and any other indicators you consider relevant. Please include your own charts using Excel wherever possible.
  • Ref:
  1. Watch the 15 min video on the US$ 2bn resale market for sneakers and read the FT article by Thompson from 2015 (‘The footsy index’). Summarise the key points made in the video and article, comparing the resale (secondary) market with the ’new sneakers’ market. How are they connected?

Link to video:

The $2 bn sneaker resale market

Link to FT article:


Word limit: 500 words

50 marks

  • Simply use the Questions as sub-headings
  • When using graphs, tables or charts make sure these

(i) have appropriate titles and sources, and

(ii) support or enhance the analysis you provide.

  • Consider whether you can incorporate relevant concepts or theories from to enhance your analysis.
  • Q1: Gather data on the USA sneaker market in the 2020s(this will be statistics on the volume/value of sneakers sold, market growth, price levels etc for the time period but you should also include information on the market shares of the different sneaker brands). Do the same for the 1990s.
  • Compare and contrast the the markets in the two time periods, highlighting the similarities and the differences. Produce some graphs to help illustrate the comparison.
  • Watch the video. Read the article provided; read it again. You should begin with a brief description of what the resale market is about, explaining its key characteristics; you then need to compare the resale market with the ‘new sneakers’ market. How are they connected?