a) Assessment criteria for each task

Your portfolio will consist of 4 tasks:

Assessment task Learning outcomes covered


Task 1Context (@ 1,000 words) Brief account of the role of mentoring/coaching, your school context and specific problems/issues/challenges in developing leadership in others. Brief account of your role, interests and concerns in relation to this Brief discussion of the problems/issues/challenges to you/your school and their relationship to relevant national and school policy.


2.   Critically reflect on their professional values, concerns, priorities and actions and to understand them in broader social, political and economic contexts.


Task 2 – (2000) Informing your

approach to development

Identify a specific area/aspect of development for your school AND/OR yourself as a mentor/coach, in relation to mentoring/coaching, that you will focus on for the rest of this assignment. Justify your choice of focus with brief reference to the context.

Present a referenced account of the discussions, ideas, and findings from research that relate to your specified

1.   Demonstrate a systematic understanding of knowledge and critical awareness of issues relating to coaching, mentoring and developing others.

3.   Critically evaluate and select appropriate research in the area of learning organizations to inform practice.



development focus and that can help to inform your approach to addressing the issue. Clearly express your argument/rationale for your chosen approach to addressing the issue and how that relates to your reading.  
Task 3 – (2,000 words) Planning a development activity (@1,500 words) and personal evaluation

(@500 words)

Plan how you will carry out / want you would need to be done to carry

out your proposed development

activity in relation to the issue. This might include a pilot of a specific mentoring/coaching strategy that you want to develop yourself and/or with others, and an evaluation of the pilot that informs your longer-term development plan. You will also need to show how you will evaluate your plan.

Task 4 Self-evaluation of learning on the module (@500 words)

A brief statement to summarize key and significant learning from this module and how it will impact of your future practice.

4.   Demonstrate an ability to engage colleagues in professional development. 5.   Demonstrate the development of skills of communication for interpersonal learning and

organizational development