4000 words, Research question: Nebulised adrenaline used in asthma; research process and how it impacts upon paramedic practice – COMPARE TO SALBULTAMOL NEBULISED in asthma
Aim: to effectively critique literature and discuss how practice can be developed with an enhanced evidence base
Both quantitative and qualitative methods used to examine how practice is based upon and can be improved with evidence. The theme of unscheduled, emergency out of hospital contact will be used to offer perspective from a range of different research theories. Discuss the potential impact on paramedic practice Present recommendations for further research.
1. Formulate systematic search strategies to identify relevant literature.
2. Critically appraise research evidence.
3. Discuss the relationship between research and paramedic practice.
4. Critically discuss the need for further research in paramedic practice.
5. Synthesize a research question based upon existing literature.
6. Demonstrate an ability to make recommendations for change in paramedic practice based upon existing literature.