According to Ad Age contributor, Jack Neff, this year’s Super Bowl should have been called the Co-Op Bowl.[1]  The networks[2] airing the Super Bowl have traditionally not welcomed overt multi-brand ads; however, Super Bowl 2020 included a number of multi-brand ads, many featuring brands from competing parent companies, such as Kraft Heinz’ Planters and P&G’s Mr. Clean.

Your task:

  1. Research: Using reliable sources (more than one), find out.
    1. how P&G decided which brands to include in its multi-brand Super Bowl 2020 ad.
    2. what the risks are of combining brands in a single ad.
  1. Get Creative: Not using any of the brands featured in Super Bowl 2020 multi-brand ads:
    1. propose three brands from a single parent company (P&G, Kellogg, Mars, Unilever, Coca Cola, Mondelèz, just to name a few) to feature in a multi-brand ad.
    2. outline which of the three brands will be the featured brand.
    3. describe the creative situation, scenario, story or incident that will be dramatized by these brands.
    4. explain how you will protect the brand equity of each of the brands.
  1. Write: in an informal memo report, using graphic highlighting and headings:
    1. In the first part of the report, outline what you discovered via your research (P&G’s process; risks)
    2. In the second part of the report, walk me through your creative process, including all the requested information (Get Creative a, b, c, and d)
  1. Address the Informal Memo Report to me, and give me a title; give yourself a title as well
  2. Use headings, graphic highlighting, short, clear paragraphs, and white space to make your information easy to access.
  3. Include both a short introduction and conclusion.
  4. Cite all research used. Cite this research within the report, using either parenthetical citations (in either MLA or APA format) or foot/endnote citations (I’ve used footnotes here.), and include a full citation of each source in a Works Cited (MLA) OR a Bibliography (APA) OR in foot/endnotes (as done here).


  • If you don’t cite within the report, you’ll lose 10 points for each missing citation.
  • If you don’t include a full citation for each source used within the report (in a Works Cited or Bibliography at the end of the report OR in foot/endnotes), you’ll lose 10 points for each missing source. If you include only a URL, you will lose 25 points for each URL.
  • If you include no research at all, you’ll lose 50 points.

The point is, do your research and document it fully!



You have followed the instructions and provided all the information asked of you: /15

Report is well written, well edited, properly formatted, and easy to understand:  /50

All sources have been included and are formatted in a clear, consistent APA or MLA documentation style:  /35

/100 à /10

[1] Neff, Jack. “The Super Bowl Became the Co-Op Bowl with a Blitz of Brand Mashups”. 3 Feb 2020. Web. 3 Feb 2020.

[2] 2020 – Fox; 2019 – CBS; 2018 – NBC