Abraham Lincoln, Second Inaugural Address.
Martin Luther King Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail.

Almost one hundred years separate Lincoln’s second inaugural address delivered on March 4, 1865 from Martin Luther King, Jr.’s open letter from Birmingham Jail written April, 16 1963. One hundred years is not a long time historically, but it is an eternity for a people oppressed and mistreated for several centuries, including most of the history of our young nation.
In a minimum of 750 words, analyze Lincoln’s address and King’s letter:
Discuss three things that connect Lincoln and King through these writings.
Discuss at least one thing that separates them.
What stands out most in your mind in Lincoln’s address and King’s letter?
Select one other reading and or a video clip for this week and explain how it adds to your perspective of Lincoln’s address and King’s letter.

The Academic Style of Writing.
All academic writing uses language that is formal, objective and cautious. Even when an assignment is written in a more subjective style (personal reflection) you should still provide supporting evidence, use language that is somewhat formal, and objective (without emotional bias) and somewhat cautious. AVOID, whenever possible, PERSONAL PRONOUNS. Limit the use of I, we, in my opinion, I believe, etc.