Understanding customers and clients

Construct a marketing plan for the payroll function within your organization. The plan should consider aspects such as, benefits service expertise, communication method, human resource implications and service standards together with the personal skills necessary to implement such plan.

Learning outcomes:

  1. Evaluate a variety of management skills and select those appropriate to
    marketing payroll services.
  2. Construct strategies that will help meet customer needs and aspirations more
  3. Propose appropriate marketing of payroll services.
  4. Identify and manage the human resource considerations when marketing
    payroll/pension services.

Workplace: A small team of payroll administrators in a busy payroll bureau in the UK. (Company name: DTE)

Structure of the assignment:
Service marketing

  • Setting marketing mix
  • Marketing communications
  • Marketing concepts
  • Augmented product

Understanding Customer needs

  • The payroll customer
  • Customer requirements
  • Service enhancements

Skills and considerations

  • Personal skill set
  • Influencing others
  • Mobilizing the payroll workforce
  • Management skills


Your assignment should be in the form of a written report and examples of any promotional/communication material should be in the appendices.