Characteristics and Designs
The Characteristics of Qualitative Research
It is important to:
Review the needs of potential audiences for the proposal
If there is some question about their knowledge, present the basic characteristics of qualitative research in the proposal and possibly discuss a recent qualitative research Journal article to use as an example.
If you present the basic characteristics you should mention:
Natural setting
Research is key instrument
Multiple sources of data
Inductive and deductive data analysis
Participants’ meaning
Emerging design
Holistic account
Qualitative Designs
Identify the specific design that you will be using and provide references to the literature.
Designs include procedures for data collection, analysis, and writing.
Designs – narrative, phenomenology, ethnography, case study, grounded theory.
Based on the design, researchers:
Study individuals in narrative, phenomenology
Explore processes, activities, and events in case study, grounded theory.
Learn about broad culture-sharing behavior of individuals or groups in ethnography.
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The Researcher’s Role and