Literature review (Media and Communication studies field)
Case study of ‘SmallWorld SmallBand’ in producing original and authentic song.
Research questions:
1. How do original song writers communicate the original and authenticity in their music?
2. In what way does the song writer perform cultural revitalization and national identity of Cambodia?
3. How do audiences perceive their music through social media platform?

– This is a literature review only. The review situates around concept/idea of national identity, youth, pop music/music, originality, cultural revival, cultural citizenship.
– Start with the review.
– No need cover page, introduction and history background of the band or Cambodia music.
– Citation include page number.

Literatures include (some are attached):
– Music as social life by Turino Thomas
– Refashioning pop music in Asia by Allen Chun, Ned Rossiter and Brian Shoesmith
– Historiography and Complexities- Why is music ‘National’? by Hans Weisethaunet
– The sound of longing for home by Bart Barendregt
– DIY Style: Fashion, Music and Global Digital Cultures by Luvaas, Brent
– Dangdut Stories: A Social and Musical History of Indonesia’s Most Popular Music by Weintraub, Andrew N
– Music, Performance, Meaning by by Nicholas Cook
– Musical Style and Social Meaning by Derek B.Scott
– Globalization and Modernity in Asia by Chris Hudson and Bart Barendregt.
– Popular Music, Critical Concepts in Media and Cultural Studies by Simon Frith.
– This Safer Space: Janelle Monáe’s “Cold War” by Shana L. Redmond.
– Music, Sound and Space: Transformations of Public and Private Experience by Georgina Born
– The Oxford Handbook of Music Revival by Caroline Bithell, Juniper Hill.
– Imagined Communities by Benedict Anderson.
– The other classical music: fifteen great traditions by Michael Church.