Assessment Criteria

  • Identify, define and refine an issue in education suitable for inquiry within a realistic time frame;
  • Locate and critically review relevant literature and/or documentation to identify key themes, issues and arguments to support the development of focused research questions.
  • Write in a clear, logical and rigorous way adhering to conventions, including those for referencing and citation.
  • Work effectively within the word limit for the assessment task.

Literature Searching

The research must contain supporting information from literature. There are a number of different sources you may make use of and there is an expectation that normally studies will demonstrate the use of a balance between sources including books, research journals, government documents, the internet etc,.

Linking chapters and writing for clarity

Try to ensure that you start and end chapters so that they read cohesively and coherently and link effectively. Try to begin each chapter by signposting its contents with a brief chapter introduction. Also, try to provide a summary at the end of each chapter and a sentence which takes you into the next. Do not assume the reader or marker knows about the topic you are investigating. Be clear 14 about the key terms and phrases you are using and explain and define for the reader wherever it is required using appropriate literature.