Assignment one is an individual written assignment which requires you to select a skill, conduct an analysis of the skill, discuss the classification of the skill, identify the underlying motor abilities required for skilled performance, and describe how the movement is controlled.
Learning outcomes assessed:
1. Describe different ways to classify motor skills.
2. Differentiate skill and ability and identify underlying abilities in skilled movement.
3. Explain how motor skills are controlled as a coordinated movement.
8. Search and utilize credible research evidence.
• Introduce the chosen skill, offering a concise analysis of the movement. Your introduction should also include definitions of motor skill and motor learning from different sources. Analysis of the movement should be supported by evidence where appropriate.
• Provide a description of how the skill is classified on the three continua discussed in week 1. You may use diagrams to demonstrate your classifications. Provide a concise rationale explaining your classifications, offering relevant detail to show your understanding (e.g., if serial, what are the sub-parts which make up the series of movements).
• Using relevant literature, offer definitions of motor abilities and briefly discuss how these differ from skill. Identify and discuss the motor abilities which are specifically related to your chosen skill, and how these abilities may be an important factor in determining why people differ in achievement levels of the chosen skill. Make specific reference to Fleishman’s Taxonomy or other relevant research.
• Identify whether your skill utilizes an open or closed loop control system and support with a brief rationale. Provide an explanation of how the chosen.
Motor Learning KIN 486
skill is controlled using principles from Dynamical Systems Theory. Specifically, identify critical information from the performance environment (perception) and explain how this regulates specific movements (action).
• Provide a reference list which contains all sources used (not included in word count)
This assignment must have a cover page with a running head, the title of the assignment, your name(s), your student ID#(s), and the exact word count. The assignments will be double spaced, typed in 12 point font, and the referencing style will conform to the guidelines set out by the American Psychological Association (APA): http://www.apastyle.org/index.aspx . The assignment should be written in third person.
Penalties for exceeding word count & late submissions:
1-10% over. Within one hour of deadline. = moved one grade lower
11-20% over. One – 24 hours after deadline. = moved two grades lower
30% over. Over 24 hours after deadline. = F