This should be a proposal for a research paper , the teacher wants in this paper a theses statement and a bibliography ( it doesn’t matter on which character u will talk about , but he should relevant to the topic),
also he want e cite all our work using the Chicago method of referencing using either footnotes or endnotes.Primary Sources•These are documents from the time of the event eg, newspapers, photographs, paintings, autobiographies, official or government documents, diaries, church records, speeches, oral histories, interviews etc.•You are still expected to identify what the source is, when it was prepared, who prepared it and why it will be important for your research.•Footnotes or Endnotes in Chicago Format•Be wary of internet sources. Do not cite anything from Wikipedia but you can certainly use it to map your research.Secondary Sources•These are historians’ interpretations of primary sources that are peer reviewed.•In the library•JStor / Ebsco / Academic Source Premiere•You are expected to use a wide range of sources, not just books.
Do this only for the proposal.•A bibliography is a list of references for all the sources you have cited in your research.•In this case you use the normal Chicago Format for your bibliography but under each source give a brief description of each one.•For your 5 sources, consider these questions:•What is the central thesis of the source?•What methodology does the source use to argue its central thesis?•Why is this source important to your research i.e. What does it have that other sources do not? And how is this therefore critical to your research•Do not number it. Do not use bullet points