1. The overall operations strategy
  2. Process design including the network of suppliers (to meet your new expanded needs. Remember you are going to try to bring the operation into the 21st century and need to be much more customer focused. So your website may be very important to get right.)
  3. Budgeting/cost implications of different options e.g. fixed vs. variable costs, capital, labour, transport etc.
  4. The location of the facility(s) to be built (if you plan to build a new one)
  5. The capacity planning of the facility (current capacity needs and future expansion requirements)
  6. Inventory management strategies
  7. Forecasting and demand management strategies (you may need to liaise with the sales and marketing dept for this)
  8. Logistics and transport
  9. Quality issues and quality improvement
  10. Risk management and risk mitigation strategies
  11. Sustainability issues of the whole value chain
  12. Business ethics/CSR this may include traceability/provenance of the product/materials used and membership of appropriate organisations such as FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) etc.
  13. A) Conduct a detailed analysis of one of the sections listed above (1-12) analysing the decisions you made and the academic justification for the decisions. (approximately 1,0000 words). You will need at least four (4) good quality references to support this. Good quality references are from academic journals and text books. Please list these in a separate References section marked “Academic References” Supporting references e.g. photographs, data from non-peer reviewed sources etc. should be under “References”

Evidence of your contribution to the group work to support your statements must be provided. The evidence may be in the form of examples of your contribution to the plan (cut from the report), your electronic conversations (emails, WhatsApp or other may also be used to support your contributions)

  1. B) Write a reflective report (of approximately 1,500 words) showing what you have learned this year from creating the operations plan for “Sun Furniture” and from the tutorials. You can use your reflective blog as a guide.

A reflective report should describe what you did (individually and as a group), what you felt you did well (individually and as a group), what you felt you did not do so well (individually and as a group) and an action plan to improve yourself (SMART goals).

I need both A and B.Thanks for the help.