Cambodia does not have a return policy that is relevant to online shopping and have not found use of regret rights. List the current state and issue that the country is facing and lacking. Refer to the obsolete contract law that would control product returns.

Chapter II: Consumer protection and Return policy system status of e-commerce in Cambodia.

The current usage of consumer return protection system in Cambodia.

  1. The requirement of return policy system
  2. The sales method application to the return policy system
  3. Legal consequences of return of goods consumer protection system
  4. The issue analysis of consumer returns protection system in Cambodia
  5. The issue of setting up return system of returns without reasons
  6. Uncertain standard of unsuitable return goods
  7. Seller’s unclear obligation
  • Unclear liability and certification of integration of goods.
  1. The usage environmental problem of returning goods system
  2. Legal environment
  3. Social environment