For this discussion forum, you will be using Microsoft PowerPoint to develop a BPM diagram. Referring to Figure 4-16 in Chapter 4 of your text, your diagram will have two horizontal flow charts. The top flow chart represents the existing consumer business process flow for paying health-related bills currently at THS. The bottom flow chart, which should be located on the same PowerPoint slide, represents your suggested new process for a consumer of the THS and will be utilizing the mobile consumer app to pay bills online.
In your initial discussion post, attach your single PowerPoint slide artifact with your BPM diagram:
• Compare the systems that the consumer uses today to pay bills traditionally with the proposed bill pay online to be available in the web platform.
• What are the process and technology differences and similarities between paying bills today and proposed use of a mobile application to pay health system bills?
• Name one user design best practice described in the required scholarly articles this week.
• How would you apply this principle to the consumer mobile application for THS?