You are answering a total of 2 questions. Each of your answer should be a minimum of 130 – 150 words each. This means at least 1 page for all 2 questions. Make sure to answer each question individually.
Begin Question Prompts;
Who should we involve when developing the strategic action plan?
Discuss the elements necessary in a strategic action plan executive summary.
-Make sure you answer each of the above questions BASED on the readings from the attached reference list, titled, “list of references.” AGAIN, please make sure your answers are coming from the readings, which is listed in the attached “list of references.”
-You must write in APA format.
-Make sure to properly cite your references, both in-text and on the reference page.
-You must use at least 1 reference from the attached reference list for EACH question.
-Make sure you answer each question separately.
-Make sure your are answering each of the questions correctly and completely.