Book Review Assignment

This writing assignment corresponds to the Dawes book, The Political Determinants of Health. Cite this book and the three websites listed at bottom.

Complete an 800 – 1000 word academic book review. This is not a book report assignment, but a book review assignment. Use the Dawes book, The Political Determinants of Health, for this assignment

Required Components of the Book Review
• Full title of the book and the author.
• One paragraph about the thesis of the book (often related to the title but not always) and if the author succeeds in the stated purpose of the book.
• One to two paragraphs summarizing the book.
• One paragraph about strengths of the book.
• One paragraph about weaknesses of the book.
• One paragraph where you assess the strengths and weaknesses of the book.
• Final sentence or two stating if you recommend others read the book and why or why not. Is the book more appropriate for some than others – who would benefit from reading this book? It’s rare to read a book review that recommends “everyone” should read this book, so think carefully about this last part of the review.

Resources to Help You

Scroll down to the section called “Reading the Book” and read the rest of the page for tips.
• reviews
• book-reviews/topic/academic-book-reviews/