Academic and Career Planning – 30 Points – Estimated time to complete – 90 minutes

Grades are based on standards outlined in Grading & Assignment Expectations in Content (How to Download, Upload, and Format Assignments and How to Meet College-Level Writing Expectations).

Responses should be original, in your own words, not copy and paste from a website or word for word from a video.

  1. Watch the Top 10 Reasons to Visit Academic Advising video in Chapter 9 Online Lecture content. Identify 2 of the 10 areas where you could benefit from Advising assistance and for each, provide specific, personal examples of how it will help your short/long term academic planning.
  2. Career Services is closely aligned with Academic Advising, both departments helping you prepare for your future occupation. Watch the What Can DSC Career Services Do for You? video in Chapter 9 online Lecture content. Choose 2 of the 5 services where you could benefit from Career Services assistance and provide specific, personal examples of how each can help your short/long term career/employment planning.

For questions 3-5, use the MyNextMove website found in Chapter 9 Online Lecture content. Explore your intended career (if undecided, choose one of interest).

  1. If the profession you select offers multiple, more specific options, choose the ‘best fit’ for your career goal. List the career/profession researched with the exact title as it appears from the listing here:
  2. Read ‘What They Do’ and ‘On the job, you would…’ areas listed for the profession. Using specific examples from those sections, explain why the work required would interest you based on the type of tasks.


  1. Review the Job Outlook
    1. What is the Florida average salary and the national average (US)?
    2. Pick two states other than Florida for comparison. What is the average salary for those states?
  2. Use the Best Places to Live- Cost of Living website found in Chapter 9 Online Lecture content to research this information.
    • In the ‘Where you live now?’ fieldUse your current city of residence (or the closest you can find in the list)
    • ‘Where are you considering?’ – Use a city from one of the states you compared to Florida in Question 5b
    • ‘What is your annual income?’Use the Florida Average Salary researched in Question 5a

List the details you entered in the fields listed above to provide context. Describe (do not just list) salary differences and any indexes that are above 100 (100 = more expensive). In your explanation, include your initial reaction to the results.

  1. Based on your research from Questions 5 & 6, describe how the relationship between salary and cost-of-living could impact your spending power and ability to meet expenses/pay bills.
  2. Review the Career Development process section in your textbook (p.343-349). Identify what stage of the process you are in and describe two specific actions you can take in the next 6 months to help you either explore, clarify, make a decision, or prepare for your academic/professional goals and employment.