Figma Web design Project

Project: Mobile app design for booking a trip to a single travel destination (e.g. San Francisco).

User journey: From the loading screen, to the pick a city, flight, hotel, rental car and through the entire checkout process.

Objective: Design an interface that guides the user through the entire trip purchasing experience.


  1. Loading screen
  2. New user / existing user login
  3. Homepage / dashboard
  4. Single travel destination landing page (e.g. San Francisco)
  5. Browse flights
  6. Single flight information
  7. Browse hotels
  8. Single hotel information
  9. Browse rental cars/transportation options
  10. Single rental car or transportation option
  11. Shopping cart
  12. Billing information
  13. Review the final shopping cart and all of the trip details
  14. Thank you / Successful transaction
  15. Extra requirement: Special feature


  1. Use Adobe XD (preferred) or Figma
  2. Mobile only
  3. Include all of the necessary artboards plus a special feature
  4. Include basic animations and transitions
  5. Establish a design system of reusable components