Business Plans Question


Prepare a brief letter of interest to the College. Three paragraphs: intro, body, and closing. State why you are the best company for this event. (Think SBA letter for format.) Please look at the pdf file uploaded for format.


Prepare a brief, not more than 150 words, business description of your company.


Prepare a brief list your company’s past professional accomplishments. (The use of bullets is highly encouraged here.)


As an example of what you can do, prepare the Keynote Speaker’s address to the graduating class at Cypress College. Maximum of 400 words.

  • Identify the Keynote Speaker. (Who is this person and why was he/she selected?)
  • The address should focus on the importance of continuing education.
  • The address should include sound reasoning and, if appropriate, statistical/factual information.
  • Resist the urge to preach to or bore your audience.

PART 5. USE THE BULLETS (BELOW) AS TOPICS FOR PART 5. State each bullet and briefly provide an answer for same.

  • How long will it take to organize this activity?
  • How will you market this activity?
  • When will you start to market this activity?
  • How many people will be necessary to manage the activity?