Communications Question

ANSWER THE WRITTEN QUESTIONS FULL and correct in your own words

1) In chapter 7 we are told that intercultural relationships go through three phases. Explain what these phases are and provide an example of a relationship going through these phases (in a minimum of 150 words).

2) Explain what a use value and an exchange value are. In addition choose one product (any) and explain its importance in terms of their use and exchange values (in a minimum of 100 words)

3) One of the things that characterized or started the industrial revolution was that the connection between producers and the means of production was removed. What does this mean and please provide an example.

4) Explain what an independent and interdependent orientation. Also explain which orientation you believe yourself to be and why (in a minimum of 100 words)

5) Define 5 of the following 10 terms

  • Culture jamming
  • negotiated reading
  • in-group
  • capitalism
  • micro-frame analysis
  • media
  • heteronormativity
  • neoliberal policy
  • encoding
  • network media