Psychology of Infancy and Childhood

1. Most developmental scientists agree that nature and nurture interact to influence development. explain how sickle cell anemia being a genetic disorder illustrates the interaction of genes and context.

2. Mention two of the most common Infant Mental Health related disorders- explain them.

3. Suppose you were creating a program to support pregnant women and their families in delivering healthy babies. Identify factors that you might address at each level of Bronfenbrenner’s model (Chapter 1). Discuss your program and how it may help promote healthy infants.

4. Theo pushes into a crawling position onto all fours and rocks back and forth. Theo will soon crawl, about 2 months later than the other babies in the childcare center. Much smaller than his peers, Theo is new to the childcare center, recently adopted from an overcrowded orphanage in a developing country. At first tiny Theo didn’t eat much. The adults around him worried about his poor eating habits and lack of growth. Soon, however, Theo became comfortable in his new, affectionate and nurturing home and he began to grow quickly.

  •  How do motor skills unfold during infancy? Should Theo’s parents worry about his progress? Why or why not?
  • Theo’s mother worries about how his early experiences of deprivation might influence Theo’s brain development. Discuss processes of brain development and the role of experience in development.
  • What can she do to help Theo?