This is the Outline portion of the term paper only. The topic you will prepare the outline for is: Comparing mediation to arbitration as viable methods to resolve conflicts in the workplace.

Written Assignment: Term Paper Outline
The product of this assignment is an expanded proposal, including information on the references you are using. The proposal will help to:
• finalize the topic of my term paper.
• organize the presentation of the material.
• provide the basis for discussion.
The outline you submit now should follow the same organization as the final paper for this project. You will find a description of the information to include in your outline in the section below
You should include the following in the outline:
A concise statement describing your subject. The subject is: Comparing mediation to arbitration as viable methods to resolve conflicts in the workplace.
Provide the introductory section of your paper. In this section, state the purpose of the paper in succinct declarative sentences.
Outline the remaining sections of your paper. What concepts from the course are applicable in each section? You must provide a sufficient description of each section so that I understand why the concepts cited are relevant.
Include a preliminary list of the references you will be using. For books, indicate which sections/chapters of the texts you will cite. Also be sure to include references which you have located through a library and/or Internet search
The outline should be no more than 2 pages in length.
Term Paper Project Description for the purpose of developing the outline.

Topic: Comparing mediation to arbitration as viable methods to resolve conflicts in the workplace.
Below is a brief description of some ideas as to what you may want to include. Please feel free to include anything that you feel would be pertinent and that could add substance to the outline and eventually my paper. The end paper will need to be 8-10 pages in length and the outline should reflect that. You should list references/resources that discuss the following:
• There should be an introduction section.
• The history of mediation and arbitration as forms of alternative dispute resolution and how it came to be what it is today.
• How has mediation and arbitration expanded throughout the years?
• Compare mediation to the negotiation process and arbitration to the litigation process to show how they are viable methods to resolve conflicts in the workplace.
• Talk about how there are also many questions that can be asked when it comes to mediation and arbitration. For example, are we able to reach a solid, lasting conclusion? If there is no legally binding result are these conclusions really being followed? I would discuss examples of each of these and any other relevant information.
• Include references that include one or two relevant cases to support the topic.