For the Final Project, you will use the R and RStudio tools you have worked with throughout this course to create the visualizations for the elements described below.

Create a data set in R from the csv input file provided in the lab and show the data rows for the State of Iowa.
Display the head and tail for the Iowa data set.
Create a bar chart in R that displays the following attributes in a useful manner. Include appropriate labeling for the elements:
Driver ID
Avg velocity
Create a pie chart in R that shows the ratio of “risky drivers” compared to drivers who are not. Include appropriate labels that indicate the elements in the visualization. NOTE: In the state of Iowa, any driver who has a riskfactor greater than or equal to seven is considered a risky driver.
Create a U.S. state map of Iowa using the map package and library information you loaded to your R environment in Week 5, and display the following:
The state information from “states:” list and create a subset variable.
Plot the state by using the ggplot() function with coord_fixed(1.3).
Display the boundaries of the state’s counties in the map of the state.
For each completed element, create a screen capture of your product and include it in a Word document. Clearly label each screen capture with the assignment element it represents. Be sure that your screen captures are large enough that they are clear and easily readable. You should have a minimum of five screen captures in your document. Submit your document to Waypoint for grading.

The Visualizations in R Project

Must include a minimum of five clearly labeled screen captures.