Students should provide a critical appraisal of the interplay of theory and practice in the context of social justice and anti-oppression.
The essay should:
• Critically discuss the relationship of theory and practice
• Critically analyze and reflect on how our understanding of a set of theories or a theory of your choice can inform social work practice
• Critically evaluate the extent to which our theoretical understanding of the social world informs anti-oppressive practice or promotes social justice.
Note that it is a requirement that students follow the guidelines for the presentation of assignments as indicated in the Programme and Module
All references used in Coursework must abide by the University’s Referencing Style;
i.e., Harvard Style. A referencing guide is also provided in the Moodle site (under this Module).

Sized 12 plain font (e.g Calibri), Doubled spaced, Margin width of least 25mm (1inch) each side,
Page numbered (e.g, page 1 of 10, page 2 of 10, page 3 of 10 etc)
page breaks where necessary, spell checked, and read proof
Paragraph style should be consistent
Either one blank line space (only) with no indentation on the first line of paragraph, or no space between paragraph and indent on the first line.

4. Recommended References Uploaded below:
References double spacing (normally hanging indent)  appendices double spacing if possible.

The assignment length /work count (includes all written text apart from figures & tables; reference list; appendices and title page) should be the beginning of the course work.