It is important that the essay demonstrates reference to a wide range of sources, for example research papers, journal articles, books, edited book chapters and policy documents.

You are required to write an essay of approximately 4000 words in length to answer the following questions:

Critically analyze the impact of globalization on the emergence, spread and control of communicable diseases and the challenges this creates for global public health responses and governance.

To answer this question you will need to analyze critically the link between globalization processes and communicable diseases. You will need to analyze critically the meaning of globalization and other relevant concepts and debate how globalization impacts on the emergence, spread and control of communicable diseases. Illustrate your discussion with one or two examples of recent communicable disease outbreaks and analyze critically the extent to which globalization has contributed to these outbreaks. The essay invites you to think about global public health arrangements to control the emergence and spread of communicable disease and the challenges this brings for partnerships and governance.

The module learning outcomes: the essay (components 1 and 2 of the assignment) should express all the module learning outcomes 1-4. This does not mean that the essay is directly about them (for example writing a specific section about each specified outcome). Rather, it means evidence for the learning outcomes comes from your answering the essay question clearly and completely.

1. Define and critically analyze debates surrounding key concepts such as globalization, global change, global health and governance
2. Analyze critically the various drivers and forms of global change and their relationship with globalization processes
3. Critically appraise the effects and contemporary challenges of globalization for global public health
4. Evaluate the role of different actors and global health partnerships and initiatives that aim to promote and protect health and issues of global health governance