Professional Issue Paper Grading Rubric (Individual assignment)

Instructions: The purpose of this individual paper is to identify a nursing professional/ ethical issue; describe unique viewpoints of all involved, e.g. patient, family member, nurse, physician; and propose culturally sensitive solution to this ethical/ professional dilemma. Student will address the ethical theories, principles, and sections of the Code of Ethics that guide the proposed solution. Student will develop a two-page paper in APA style excluding title and reference pages. Abstract is not required. Blackboard SafeAssign will be used to check for plagiarism.

Any content related to the nursing profession associated issues is accepted (ex: nursing shortage, health disparities, euthanasia, etc.). Utilization of  CSUSB Writing Center, is recommended. May use BRN:

See grading rubric for further details below:


Content and Organization Possible Points Earned Points Comments
Identifies important ethical/professional issue. 4    
Describes unique viewpoints of all those involved in ethical/ professional dilemma. 4    
Arrives at a balanced decision, taking into account perspectives of all involved and the ethical theories, principles, and sections of the Code that guide their actions. Proposed decision reflects cultural sensitivity. 4    
Paper follows logical sequence of ideas leading to justifiable conclusion. Paragraphs are well developed with transitional sentences. 4    
The paper is to be written in APA format including proper margins, without typos, grammar errors, appropriate citations and punctuations. Bibliography includes 3 current references within 5 years in APA format, no typos, using appropriate citations within the narrative. No plagiarism. 12 pt. New Times Roman and uploaded to Bb in electronic form, MS Word.

Running Head and Title page includes name, school name centered and double-spaced, course number and title, date and instructor’s name are included.