Policy analysis: Student 2 (1700 word)
The policy analysis is a group assignment. Students will choose a recent policy/ program paper released by Federal, State or Local Government. The policy analysis should be set out as outlined below. A Policy Analysis Template is provided for your use

Analyses the policy problem or issue that is tied to the document

10 scholarly sources including non-scholarly

Strong recommendations:
o Look at the evaluation at the end of each section and then make suggestions on how to move forward.
• Think about consistency – with which to who you are making the recommendations to
Is the chosen policy likely to be successful in addressing the issue?
• Governments and stakeholder’s perspective on the current policy.
• Consider the historical content if relevant  used to evaluate the contemporary policy.

Key points of the new policy  descriptive

What are the implications of the new policy;
• How will it or how has it affected the stakeholders
• Economic, social, environment and /or legal implications  analysis
o Alternative perspective
How has implementation and evaluation been considered within this policy design will it actually address the problem.
• Will be successful  why or why not?

Evaluation and conclusion
• What can you say about the success of the policy in relation to the issue identified.
• Recommendations Student 2 (500 words)
Conclude with one or more recommendations for addressing the issue [Group content] o Recommendations should follow logically from your analysis & be set out in point form