Course name : An Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Assignment: Short Essays

This assignment consists of THREE SHORT ESSAYS, each of which addresses one of the three questions below. Please answer each question in an essay of not more than three (3) pages (approximately 750 words, using a 12-point font and 1.5 line spacing). This essay should respond to each question that should also integrate information from two or more of the course materials. Please be sure to include citations and references for the material that you quote and/ or paraphrase from any source, including the course textbooks and the video programs. These items are also references, and if you quote or paraphrase from them, you must include them in your list of Works Cited.

Essay1. Describe the ethical risks in anthropological fieldwork. What are the ethical obligations of an anthropologist?

Essay 2. Define the terms “culture” and “adaptation”, and explain how they are related. Are cultures ever maladaptive?

Essay3. How is identity related to culture? Compare three different cultures in terms of how identity is formulated.

Please make sure to correctly read and follow the instructions.