Human Desires in Shakespeare’s play
1, In according to reading and play of Shakespeare, he created characters to show audience virtuous and vicious side of humanity, that also give audience his world view by created those plays’ ending. As people well known “As You Like it”, it perfectly shows kindhearted protagonist has gained the honor and wealth, but immoral characters have chance be excused. In this research paper, to using the play “As you like it” and other resources of the background at that age to talk about the characters’ desires and his wishes to the world.

2, First topic, human desire of the protagonist and other character of “As you like it”.

3, Second topic, The Ending and character give audience his own worldview

4 Third topic, What His own desire to the world at that age.

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please uses more resources of the play and book of Shakespeare’s play.

This outline and topic might not clear, please trying some new ideas for the essay bu surrounded with desire humanities in Shakespeare’s play and book . Low similarity, and talk about “As you like it” and other play of shakesperare. precisely 10 pages