Your assignment is to become more acquainted with the organization you will study, and begin preparing the front part of the report. A template for the final report, which you should use, and a rubric for this assignment will be available for download in the assignment created for this assessment in the ‘Assignments’ folder of Blackboard. Please include the following in your report. You should use the template to fill out the following sections, and leave the remaining sections blank (you will fill them out when you do the Final Scenario Planning Report assignment:
• A short overview of the company.
• State your focal question and time horizon. You aren’t expected to answer the whole question in this initial report, but keep it in mind to help you stay on track for your final report.
• Identify and describe the company’s key stakeholders. Justify why they are key stakeholders in relation to your focal question.
• Based on the scenario planning work we’ve covered in class so far, identify four driving forces that you feel might affect the company by the time horizon in relation to your focal question. Be sure to justify your arguments with evidence.

Do not write an essay – this is a report. Use the self-explanatory headings and sub-headings suggested in the template. Use short paragraphs and sentences, and use graphs, tables and illustrations where necessary. Careful occasional use of bullet points is acceptable if they add clarity to the report, but don’t overuse them. Support all your arguments and recommendations with relevant proof and/or your own analysis.
Treat this report as either an employee of or consultant to the organization. The report is to be written for an executive audience. Use professional language and layout, cite reputable sources for all facts you state, draw on your own analysis for insights you have, highlight key points in an executive summary, be thorough in your analysis, and justify your recommendations. Proofread your work (or have someone do it for you). Check spelling, grammar, layout, coherence, sentence and paragraph structure, and logical flow of arguments.
This report should be no more than 1500 words long (about 6 pages), but that doesn’t include your reference list. It should be double-spaced (not 1.5), Calibri font size 11 (this is the Microsoft Word default) or Times New Roman size 12 (or similar), and prepared in Microsoft