“For this assignment, complete: 1) the reading by Maloney; 2) the Santa Clara University Ethics Webpage article; and 3) the three case studies provided. Then, using as a basis either the Maloney article OR A Framework for Thinking Ethically from the SCU website, analyze each case study. Your analysis should address the elements identified in A Framework for Ethical Decision Making at the SCU website (recognizing an ethical issue, get the facts, evaluate alternative actions, make a decision and test it, act and reflect on the outcome).

Your analysis of the three case studies should be presented in a document no more than five pages, maximum.”

This assignment is worth 150 points. I’ll be using the rubric below. Not only will that let you know where your points are coming from, it should give you a useful outline for your paper. If you want to use it to make bold subheadings at the start of each section where you intend to address that requirement (Ethical decision-making, Model, Case Study, etc), I think that would help both you and me.

Describe the concept of ethical decision-making (20 points)

Summarize either the Mahoney or SCU model (20 points)

Summarize each case study and in one sentence clearly state the ethical issue that needs to be decided (5 points)

Identify the ethical choices available to the decision maker(s) (5 points)

State the decision you recommend the decision maker(s) make (10 points)

Use the model you selected to support that recommendation in a clear and analytical manner (40 points)

Identify any counterarguments and refute them (10 points)

Make a general conclusion about how this particular analysis can help you make ethical decisions in the future (20 points)

Write in an organized, logical, concise, and efficient way that follows the standard rules of English and the APA format (20 points

Here are the readings….
Maloney, S., Chaplain (Col). (March-April 1981). Ethics theory for the military professional. Air University Review, (3)32, pp. 55-60.
Andre, C., DeCosse, D. Hanson, K., McLean, M., Meyer, M., Moberg, D., Shanks, T., & Velasquez, M. (2009). A framework for thinking ethically, and A framework for ethical decision making. Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University.
Used with permission from Santa Clara University.
Maloney, S.D. (n.d.). The case of the two soldiers case study. International Society for Military Ethics.