Assignment 2 – Strategic Communications Plan
Value: 30%
Word Count: 2000 words Due: As per schedule
In the form of a report, prepare a formal strategic communication plan for an identified client (more information on this client is on LMS) including the following components:
• outline the (real/potential) communication issues/situation/problem, specifically as it relates to your organisation
• describe the research that you have undertaken to devise and implement the campaign
• identify the key (internal and/or external) publics and stakeholders and their role in the campaign
• identify the main goals of your campaign
• identify the SMART objectives of the campaign
• write a strategy statement for the campaign
• identify and explain the key message/s for the campaign
• outline how the success of the campaign is to be monitored, modified and evaluated
Your reference list for this communications plan should contain a minimum of four (4) academic sources including two (2) from the COM214 reading list.
You are required to develop a strategic communication plan to address an issue faced by a given organisation who will be your client. More information will be provided in class and on Moodle.
You do not need to provide a budget or timetable for this plan, so you are encouraged to present an ‘ideal’ campaign, without the constraints of a formal budget or schedule.
However, you do need to be mindful of how realistic your strategy is, which a consideration in the marking criteria is.
Please be mindful that this is a hypothetical assignment and the organisations below are not real clients. ie: they have not been involved in the development of this brief. You should not contact them for information.

* Obesity in School Children

Obesity is a growing issue and common health problem worldwide, including in the United Arab Emirates.
It can affect the quality of life for people diagnosed and recent research suggests In addition to adults being at-risk, there has also been an increase in the prevalence of the obesity in children. The study “Increasing Obesity Rates in School Children in the United Arab Emirates” found that 40 percent of schoolchildren were overweight and a further 24.4 percent were obese.
You are a strategic communication consultant for the Ministry of Health and have been given the job of creating a strategic communications plan to address the issue of a lack of
awareness and behaviour change surrounding the risks associated with obesity in children aged six to 13.