1. This week we emphasize the qualities of the leader who acts ethically in dealing with employees. We will see transformational leadership in Week 11. The “decouple” concept will also be introduced.
Zhu, W., Riggio, R. E., Avolio, B. J., & Sosik, J. J. (2011). The effect of leadership on follower moral identity: Does transformational/transactional style
make a difference? Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, 18(2), 150-163. doi:10.1177/1548051810396714
As you read this article compare and contrast the qualities of the transformational leader and the transactional leader. This is the assignment. Include at least three other scholarly articles in your paper. Consider the following questions before you read the article. They will serve as an outline for you.

1. What does the article say about the effect of transformational/transactional leadership on follower moral identity?
2. What did you learn from this article that further added to your understanding of “moral identity?”
3. What are some of the practical implications from this research that managers can apply as they go about leading others?
4. What are 3-4 other key learnings from this article?
Your well-written paper must adhere to the following parameters:
1. Be 3 pages in length, not including the title and reference pages.
2. Be supported by three scholarly references in addition to the references you may use from the article. Remember, you must support your thinking/opinions and prior knowledge with references; all facts must be supported; in-text references used throughout the assignment must be included in an APA-formatted reference list.