Turn-In Requirements:
Lab reports will be 5 to 8 pages in length (single-spaced in font size 12). The title page does not count as one of the pages for the report. The bibliography will not count as one of the page requirements. Appendices will not count as pages for the report. All references will be properly cited throughout the report.

2) Download the SAM and SHADOW files to crack.
3) The recommended environment is Kali VM
4) Crack the Shadow file using John the Ripper (JTR) or Johnny.
5) Crack the SAM file using ophcrack (or SamInside).
6) Experiment with online hash cracking site Crack Station to see if you can produce similar results.
7) Next, find your computer’s password file
a. What is the filename?
b. Where is it located?
c. Can you copy it? Why? Why not?
d. Do you have passwords that can be cracked in your password file? Why? Why not?
e. How can you crack the passwords in your password file?
8) Provide a 5- to 8-page lab report, which must include:
a. A discussion about the password cracker programs you used and any issues you had running the software
b. The cracked passwords and a discussion as to why each individually may not have been a good password
c. Answers to the questions in Step 7.
d. A discussion on what makes a good password policy, an assessment of the policy enforced in your work or school environment, and how passwords are related to identity access management systems