Please strictly follow the guidelines below, under any circumstance the literature review must be 100% original and can not contain any plagiarism.

  1. What is the marking criteria :

Literature Review

  1. i) Is the literature relevant to the topic?
  2. ii) Does it relate to and build on other research in the same field?

iii)        Is the literature review critical?

  1. iv) Does it inform the hypotheses/research questions?
  2. v) If appropriate, is the framework of analysis clearly specified


  1. Please choose the best approach for the literature review, ensuring it flows throughout the 4000 words. I am using a mix method approach when I collect my primary data in the sense of methodology, I am conducting surveys and focus groups at the bank itself.


  1. The structure is extremely important it should have a thematic structure focusing on key areas.


  1. Finally a clear argument for both for and against must be demonstrated including recurring themes. It should also establish ‘my’ position in the argument for the project and organisation of the review


  • Define trends: gaps in research, foundational research and theory.



Sources to be used

The sources must be academic and should only include no more than 5 sources from the Santander websites and the rest of them from academic journals, consultancy reports, strategic reports.

Referencing – should be done solely in Havard style.


Many thanks once again, I’m certain you will do a marvellous job and I look forward to working with you in the near future.