Intervention Power Point Presentation: Students will choose an intervention used to help alleviate an issue that they have identified is a concern in the school setting. Students will provide the steps for the intervention and describe how the intervention will be assessed for effectiveness.
The presentation should be 10 slides in length and use at least 5 peer reviewed professional journal articles for graduate students (for undergraduate students at least 3 peer reviewed professional journal articles) all references must be cited using APA documentation. Please follow APA format guidelines for writing. Use scholarly literature, (not more than 2 internet based references) double space, and use 12 point font as well as appropriate margins. You must submit to turnitin and if your presentation contains more than 15%, you must redo it until it is below 15% match for plagiarism.

Organizational Structure of Power Point Presentation: Points
1. Introduction
2. Description of issue that you have identified as a concern (For example-Bullying)

3.Why is it a problem (utilize research to support your theory & What contributes to this topic of concern?)

4. What interventions (evidence-based) have been used for this topic of concern?)

5. Current research findings (What is the current research on this topic of concern? Statistics)

6. Intervention you are proposing (Develop your own intervention-be creative)

7. Steps for your intervention

8. Assess for effectiveness (How will you assess for effectiveness? What assessment tool will you use?)

9. Conclusion

10. References Slide