Module 8 has explored the considerations that need to be made before a firm decides to enter the international market. Not only will firms need to consider liabilities of foreignness, ownership advantages, and location advantages, they will also need to consider the advantages of internalization. By making use of the OLI and the CAGE frameworks, firms will be in a better position to consider these factors and assess their comparative advantage in the international market.
Having established whether it is beneficial to go global, firms will then need to determine which business strategy to use. As a result, this module has unpacked three global business strategies, namely global integration, local responsiveness, and Ghemawat’s AAA global strategy framework.
For this assignment answer the following question: Using Apple or FedEx Corporation
1) Select a product, service, or corporate initiative that has successfully expanded internationally. Analyse their global business strategy and assess how their strategy aligns with at least one of the strategic frameworks discussed in this module.