[Last Name] 1
Katsushika Hokusai
1st thoughts of the artist
1. Why you chose the artist
2. Memories, impressions, and associations
1. When and Where works were made (political)
i. Define issues of the day
ii. Potion or Market/Career
2. Who was the artist (personal)?
i. Stories about the artist
ii. Quotes of the writing of the artists
Body 1
A. Formal analysis
1. Description – elements
a. Line, Shape, Form, Volume, Mass, Texture, Value, Space, Color, Motion, Time, Pattern
2. Effect – Principles
a. Unity, variety, balance, scale, proportion, focal point, rhythm
B. Iconographic Analysis
1. Symbols, Traditions, cultural, aesthetics, religion content
C. Critique – Feminist, Gender, Critical Race, Psychological
Body 2
A. Materials and process
i. Paint, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, architecture, craft, graphic design, alternative media and process
B. How do materials and process affect your impression of the works?
AKA Thesis
Thesis examples
Compare / contrast
Expository – explaining
Argumentative – defend a claim
Cause and effect
Analytical – Two sides of an issue
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