My doctoral research proposal should include:
Proposed Research Plan & Vision Statement

Proposed Research Plan (max. 3500 words)
1. Abstract – A brief summary of my Ph.D. Research Proposal, and should be no longer than 200 words.
2. Keywords – An alphabetically ordered list of the more appropriate words or expressions (up to 12) that I would introduce in a search engine to find a research proposal identical to mine,
3. Introduction –

(i) Explain the background of the research study, focusing briefly on the major issues of its knowledge domain and clarifying why these issues are worthy of attention;

(ii) Develop aims and speculative research statement;

(iii) Design and Overview of my study – Concisely state significance of my research and the contribution that my study makes;

(iv) Mention some suggestions for the future use based on findings and experiences of conducting this study; (v) Summary
4. Research Context/Literature Review –

(i) Discuss the existing literature (What are the most important authors, findings, concepts, schools, debates and hypotheses?);

(ii) State the gaps that exist within the literature;

(iii) How will my proposed study/thesis address the gaps. (How does my project further existing knowledge?)
5. Research Questions –

(i) State a speculative research statement;

(ii) Research Questions (Suggested):

(1) How does Visual Arts integration influence local Hong Kong students’ English learning?

(2) What are local Hong Kong students’ experiences of integrating Visual Arts into their English learning processes?

(3) How does the Visual Arts influence local Hong Kong students’ learning motivation?

(4) How to design some lectures regarding English learning and Visual Arts learning’ in order to give English teachers more pedagogical ways as to the inclusion of artistic activities into teaching process?
6. Research Design –

(i) State conceptual framework such as educational theories or constructs which make up the framework for my study;

(ii) The theoretical perspective I will use when I design and conduct my research;

(iii) Why I have chosen this approach over others and what implications this choice has for my methods and the robustness of the study.
7. Research Methodology (Methods should contain details, backed up with an evidence-based argument that connects back to my literature review and should be introduced cautiously in order to leave room for future changes) –

(i) State setting and participants;

(ii) Data Collection: Discuss sample data collection strategies;

(iii) Data Analysis: Describe how to analyse data according to scholars’ theories;

(iv) Pre-empt potential challenges and assess ways to ensure that the proposed PhD-study will follow conventions that help ensure reliability, validity, and ethical conduct. For example, participants are provided for review and member checking;
8. Timeline – State a provisional timetable for the project.
9. Researcher Positionality – My experience, participation in research projects, or preliminary results that support the feasibility of the work (if applicable)
10. Limitations of my research
11. References/Citations* must be provided.
12. Appendices

Vision Statement
1. Contribution that I would like to make to the development of the above research in Hong Kong and to society (max. 350 words)

2. Other remarks in relation to the application for Hong Kong PhD Fellowship (max. 300 words)