Is the word count strict?

The word count is +/- 10% overall. The Pitch Template has suggested word counts for each section, but these are suggestions are only. However, you should follow the word count for the media release fairly closely. Title and subheadings are included in the word count.

What referencing system should I use?

As always in SAM, please use the Harvard in-text referencing system. Links for this are on Moodle.However, note that the assessment is a reference-light exercise.

Can we choose more than one audience?

Yes, but you don’t need to. One is enough. But either way, you need to do research into your audience and really understand them as deeply as you can.

Our tutor gave us feedback, but I want to give in a different direction. Is that okay?

Of course. Your tutor will do their best to give you helpful feedback in the moment, but you might decide that you have a different idea about the best path forward. That’s fine, but like any decision in PR, yours should be backed up by evidence.

Can I propose advertising as part of my campaign?

No, you are pitching a public relations campaign.

Can I modify the target audience?

Yes! In fact, you should refine the target audience, but remember that you’ll need to justify this to the client.

Can I modify the objectives?

Yes! You should refine and focus the objectives. Remember to make them SMART!

What’s a SWOT analysis?

This was covered in your readings.

How much research should I do?

That’s up to you, but you should be able to justify the claims you make about target audiences and have evidence in support of your strategy.

Do I need to cite academic sources?

No, there is no requirement to do so. You might want to use academic sources as part of your research, but you don’t have to. You do, however, need to do research which then needs to be cited!

Do I need to reference the course materials? Discuss theory?

No, you don’t need to do this. A good, strong pitch document will display an understanding of the concepts, principles and theories we’ve looked at this semester. For example, your campaign should be contextually and culturally appropriate.

So why do I need to reference? What sort of research SHOULD I include?

You need to back up your claims and show a strong understanding of target audiences, relevant issues, and so on. You might, for example, want to do more research into diversity in Australia, for instance. Your research should ALWAYS be referenced. After all, a client might want to know more or want to be able to verify your claims.

How many references do I need?

There’s no answer to this – every campaign pitch will be different, requiring different research. It’s less about the total number of references and more about making sure that your claims are backed up by evidence where necessary.

How you reference [insert source type]?

You need to work this out for yourself! In addition to the UNSW guide to the Harvard system (which is pretty good), there are countless others. If you’re truly lost, just make sure that you have the author (if there is one), title, publication, date, and URL.

Can you give us a template for the pitch document?

Yes, there’s one on Moodle. Please note that the word counts are guidelines only. Make sure you personalise it with your name and other details.

Can I modify the pitch template?

You are welcome to modify the pitch template however you think appropriate. Make sure, though, that you address all the required elements.

I know it says “no advertising” but I had this great idea for an ad…

No advertising! This is a public relations challenge, not an advertising one.

What can I spend the budget on?

The budget is there solely to give you a bit of money to play with if you wanted to create something for your campaign that might cost a small amount (e.g. a short video for the web). It CANNOT be used on paid media of any kind.

What should my media release be about?

Your media release is about the campaign: it’s launch, what it aims to achieve, its message, etc. If you want to write something more focused on one aspect that’s fine too, but your release should make clear what the campaign as a whole is about and what it’s trying to achieve.

How do I get quotes for my media release (or any other materials)?

Make them up! This is actually what mostly happens when a release gets drafted: the writer usually invents the quotes and then gets “sign-off” from the person quoted.

What do you mean by “other materials”?

Anything you like! This is your opportunity to show what your campaign would be like, so you can create some social media posts, or perhaps right a short feature story to try to place in a newspaper or magazine.

Do I need references in my content samples?


In answer to the question regarding budget for the SBS brief; they have said, that you have $5,000 (in principle) to work with. Other questions and answers can be found in an FAQ document on Moodle.

Again, the pitch is Public Relations focused not advertising therefore the budget is limited. The focus should be on how it could reach its target audiences through PR. However, some advertising can still be used as suggested solution to the clients.