Please answer each question individually with references.

Hypogonadism Case Study

Manuel Gonzalez is a 39 year old Hispanic male with a past medical history of hypogonadism. He is currently taking androgel 1% 50mg per day, applied topically to the upper, outer arm each morning.


1. What are non-pharmacologic treatment strategies for the management of hypogonadism?
2. Discuss at least 2-3 pharmacologic options for the treatment of hypogonadism (be sure to include, at a minimum, drug name, dose, route, frequency (if applicable)? Is Manuel’s current treatment, with androgel, consistent with recommended pharmacologic agents per the clinical practice guidelines?

3. What is the mechanism of action of ONE of the pharmacologic agents discussed in #2? How does the mechanism of action correlate with the physiology/pathophysiology of hypogonadism?

4. What are the most common adverse effects of ONE of the medication discussed in #2?

5. What is the cost of ONE of the medication discussed in #2?

6. Discuss pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of ONE medication discussed in #2 (be sure to include, at a minimum, onset, peak, duration, half-life, etc).

7. What education would you provide Manuel before starting the treatment identified in #2?