The assignment is a literature review
The literature review will include
• Introduction: The introduction will include definition of stress and causes of stress in the educational environment leading to occupational concern of the people working in this sector. The introduction will also include how stress affects productivity and how it can be minimised for the well-being of educators. (300-600 words)
• Body: containing the information that retrieved from the literature, Analytical reading of books and papers, Evaluation of the situation, and Compare the previous studies results. (4500-5000 words)
• What are the Causes of the stress (general causes, stress at work and especially in educational context)?
• What is Burnout and what are the causes and how it can be prevented?
• What is the effect of stress on teachers work productivity?
• What is the management roles in protecting the educators from stress? And how they create stress-free work environment? What are the measures that have been done previously in the literature?
• What is the effect of workplace policy on teacher’s wellbeing?
• What is the definition and the criteria of positive learning environment?
• What are the deficiencies in the literature that need to be address?
• Conclusion: summarise the important aspects of the subject that include the evaluation of the current situation, identify gaps in existing knowledge; areas for future study. (300-600 words)