Topic: What is the relationship between meeting human needs and evangelism? Considering the example of the incarnation of Christ, how should proclamation of the gospel and meeting human needs be integrated?

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Chapters that need to be read: Winter & Hawthorne:
Chapter 77 by Love, pp. 477–481
“Google-Proof Transparency” by L. Mak (within ch. 77), p. 478
“As Unknown, Yet Well-Known: Commending Ourselves as Servents” by B. Blincoe (within ch. 77), p. 479
Chapter 78 by P. Parshall, pp. 482–485
“Different Views Concerning Relationships and Money” by J. Cumming (within ch. 78), p. 483
“The Role of the Righteous Rich” by J. Bonk (within ch. 78), p. 484
Chapter 83 by The Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization, pp. 506–530
Chapter 95 by S. Voorhies, pp. 601–606
Chapter 96 by B. Myers, pp. 607–610
Chapter 99 by K. Warren, pp. 620–621
“The Church-The Greatest Force on Earth” by R. Warren (within ch. 99), p. 621
Chapter 134 by R. Peterson, pp. 752–756